About Us

John Fox and William Rigney are directors of Greyco Ltd and they have developed a new brand of greyhound food called Time Greyhound Nutrition.

John and William are well known in the greyhound food industry, researching, and developing food for greyhounds and whippets since 2003.

John said that they are very excited about their new venture, stating that "our main objective is to improve greyhound performance by improving overall nutrition in all life stages". John went on to say that "we have included the ingredient panbonis in our Greyhound 28 product which has been proven to help with bone strength, critically important for racing dogs."

William is well known at race tracks in Ireland and the UK and he stated that " we intend sponsoring and promoting greyhounds and greyhound racing both in Ireland and the UK, helping the industry to grow and flourish with a renewed sense of pride".


Experts in
Greyhound Nutrition

Our Purpose & Vision

John and William stated, “our purpose is to provide greyhound and whippet owners & trainers with the highest quality food available, to enable their dogs to reach their athletic potential, and for retired dogs to live a long and healthy life. Our vision is for the greyhound industry to grow and prosper, with Time Greyhound Nutrition providing balanced nutrition for current and future greyhounds and whippets”.

Pride in Our Products

John & William stated: “We believe the key to good health and performance in greyhounds and whippets is good nutrition, and we are really proud of our Time products for providing the best nutrition possible. Each product was scientifically formulated to meet the dog’s optimum nutrition needs, depending on age and level of activity. We use the highest quality ingredients, with all the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients required to achieve peak performance. Our products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, ensuring quality and consistency in every bag”.

Online Diet

If you are using a home mix of meat and other ingredients, you can use our free diet calculator to ensure your racing greyhound’s diet is nutritionally balanced.